Everyone has their own unique perspective on life. And when you have the gift of ‘gab,’ and always
aim to keep it real; well let’s just say that things can get a little Krazy.
K’Ola’s Korner is a lifestyle vlog created by media personality and MTVBase VJ, K’Ola. It is the
brainchild of her Instagram DM’s, which aims to answer questions and tackle topics that relate to
millennial. K’Ola’s witty and vibrant personality brings an interesting perspective on life, society,
and popular culture.
The vlog is a part of her #JourneyToHappy initiative, in which she aims to make a positive change in
her life and the life of others by always ‘choosing’ to do what makes her happy. She has a real and
genuine connection with her followers and created this vlog just for them in hopes of bringing a
smile to their faces.
K’Ola encourages her followers to send in questions, comments, or concerns of any nature, and she
promises to tell them how she sees it from her korner. You can keep up with K’Ola’s Korner by
simply subscribing to her YouTube channel called K’Ola’s Korner.
Her posts are up every Tuesday, and with Valentine’s day coming up she has a special treat for her
viewers. Everybody wants love in their life, including side chicks. This Tuesday’s vlog is a cheeky one
called ‘How to be a good Side Chick’. It is an entertaining post, that teaches woman proper side chick
etiquette and how to make the most of National Side Chick Day, which is Feb 13th or Feb 15th,
depending on what their side chick contract states.
K’Ola’s Korner is a light-hearted, feel good, entertaining lifestyle vlog, that is sure to keep you glued.
Be sure to click on the link below if you’re looking for a good laugh on your #JourneyToHappy

Here is the Video


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