Kayode Fahm introduces “Life With Kayode Fahm” at the Clear Essence Spa 

On World Stress Awareness Day, which is yearly marked on November 1, a ground breaking event on stress, body and mental health held at the Clear Essence California Spa, Ikoyi Lagos. The event, organised by Kayode Fahm and Kayode Fahm Productions also introduced a 13-episode motivational series showcasing his travels throughout Africa.

The intimate setting of the Clear Essence Spa gave those in attendance deep insight into the effects stress has on our body, wellbeing and mental health. Ways to combat stress were also demonstrated with a brief yoga session, where all attendees participated. A few poignant moments made the event all the more memorable as some attendees bared their minds on stressful situations they are presently dealing with. The event was Anchored by Tv Presenter, Yomi Owope

Renowned, international speakers and coaches Kayode Fahm and Lanre Olusola delivered compelling lectures our lifestyle choices and being our best selfs.  Guest were introduced to 55-5 rule, short burst of stretches to do through the day that will help us to live longer. Stress a major cause of many human diseases was also an engaging and captivating discussion enjoyed by all.

Another speakers, Leslie Okoye of Cookie Skin Cosmetics gave a captivating speech on the relationship nutrition has with our stress levels and the effects it has on our bodies overall . Giving a strong reminder to Nigerians to watch what we eat. Also, medical aesthetician Onyenka Udechukwu, a skin specialist and the founder of Medical Aesthetics & Laser clinic, Hello Perfect, demonstrated the effects of stress on the human skin.

Guest in attendance were a mix of influencers, media and business owners such as Celebrity presenter Ill Rymz, TVC’s Wake Up Nigeria hosts Yomi Owope and Titi Oyinsan, Raisa Hadiza , Seyi Olusore of ShedamFitness, Founder of Coco Delight and founder of the Mosé Store Nowe Isibor.

Kayode, Leslie, Onyeka and Lanre

Kayode Fahm

MC – Yomi Owope of Wake up Nigeria

Liz, Kayode, Nowe

Titi Oyinsan of Wake Up Nigeria

Hilary Rodriguez


Kayode Fahm & Ill Rhymz

Kayode Fahm & Lanre Olusola

Leslie Okoye of Cookie Skin

Onyeke Udechukwu of Hello.Perfect

Raisa Hadiza

The Catalyst Lanre Olusola

About Kayode Fahm

Kayode Fahm is a motivational speaker, classical guitarist and martial artist. He found his feet in the corporate world in 1986 after graduating with a B.SC in Mathematics from Imperial. He joined Arthur Andersen to start a new job. He later moved to Goldman Sachs in 1990 and became an execute director at the company in June 1994 at age 29. He was headhunted from Goldman Sachs by the National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia in 1995. With the stress of running and managing a business, private guitar studies with the late Richard Hand of the Hand/Dupre guitar duo was his escape and outlet, this went on for 14 years. During this period, he attended many leadership and people management training programmes, workshops and seminars and equally taught mixed martial arts on the weekends. After the death of his mother, he relocated to Nigeria, focusing on helping to improve and develop the country. He completely retired from the financial sector in 2010 at 45 years and, since then, has been involved in capacity development of Nigerians spanning the corporate world, marital arts, music performing, life coaching and mentoring.


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