Are you an entrepreneur? 
Do you want to know what it takes to thrive as a sole business owner in Nigeria?

Entrepreneurial guru and cake maestro Mr. Tosan Jemide will be having book readings of his recently launched book Sugar Icing. Sugar Icing is a tell-all book that talks about the grits and glory of the celebrity baker as well as his entrepreneurial journey in Nigeria.

With two decades worth of experience, the author also discusses and shares tips in his book on how to solely run a business while achieving remarkable success regardless of the challenges faced in the entrepreneurial field in Nigeria.
Mr Tosan Jemide is known to have baked some of the most memorable cakes Nigeria has ever seen for some prominent figures in the country like Tiwa Savage, the president, Simi Esiri and more. He is also known for building the tallest cake in Africa, a 28 feet masterpiece which gained global recognition.

The meet up will touch a variety of topics  like:

  • Surviving in Nigeria’s volatile terrain
  • Bank Loans; Yes or No
  • Scaling in business
  • How to attract and retain wealthy client (Mass market or Niche market?)

This is the first of many book reading and appearances Mr Tosan Jemide will be having across Nigeria.

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