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We are recruiting for a Public Relations Account Manager to manage all aspects of our public-facing brand. We are interested in penetrating new markets and increasing brand visibility. The successful candidate will be responsible for unifying our brand across all print and digital channels, establishing a social media presence across multiple platforms and creating an editorial calendar for content marketing. If you love helping small companies grow into their potential, we’re excited to discuss this position with you.

Role will include but not limited to:
Examples of Public Relations Account Manager responsibilities
Examples of Public Relations Account Manager skills
Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Communications or related field
3+ years’ public relations experience, preferably in the marketing industry
Extensive knowledge of public relations strategies and protocols
Familiarity with digital marketing analysis tools
Advanced social media marketing skills
Proven track record of measurable successes in the field
Willingness to stay on top of the latest marketing trends and developments

Establish and contribute to several media accounts for the business
Create strategies , and deliver end to end
Great people and media relations skills, candidate will already have strong relationships within Nigeria’s media space with excellent experience of influencer marketing campaigns
Track digital metrics across all channels to capitalize on areas where we attract the most interest and to develop those where we haven’t yet engaged our audience
Create and implement a PR communication plan for the entire company
Client facing role; public relations
Engage and train other employees on the responsible and effective use of traditional PR digital media channels