Day after day, African women keep breaking boundaries and creating an impact in their respective professions.Who says you can’t do the same?

Sometimes we might encounter a hitch during our journey, but as Motherland Moguls, we have to keep fighting against all odds and let people know that we’ve got this!

Award winning presenter and TV host Peace Hyde is contributing to the narrative of growing female power on the African continent. Through her work, she encourages young African women to be bold and break barriers to achieve their set goals.

Join us on Instagram for a Q & A session with Peace Hyde on Tuesday 30th May. Peace will be sharing her entrepreneurial journey with us, and answering all your questions about fighting against the odds.

Join @Peac_hy for an Instagram Q & A on May 30 to discuss fighting against the oddsCLICK TO TWEETWe will be giving away a FREE cheat sheet with Peace Hyde’s top 10 lessons for everyone fighting against the odds. Register below to get your copy.

Instagram Q & A Details:

Date: Tuesday May 30th 2017

Time: 1pm Lagos// 2pm Joburg// 3pm Nairobi



Some questions from The Q & A session

  • sheleadsafrica First question for @peac_hy – what challenges did you face when deciding to enter the media industry?
  • peac_hy… thank you @sheleadsafrica… The first challenge was overcoming my fears. I was comfortable being a teacher and jumping into the deep end was something that was very terrifying. It took a mindset shift to be able to embark on this journey and the right attitude- in terms of being willing to work hard, believe in myself, remain focused inspire of the challenges…


  • eldee21Hello, I would like to know how you managed to position yourself to get to the heights you’ve attained now
  • peac_hy… thank you @eldee21 I think it’s all about being intentional with your goals and what you want to achieve. I set out specific goals and made sure I looked at what I needed to achieve to reach each milestone and worked extremely hard towards each one….
  • eldee21 I would also like to know what some of your biggest obstacles were?
  • peac_hy…to answer your second question @eldee21 My biggest obstacle so far was continuing to move forward after the tragic accident I endured on June the 3rd in Ghana. I was hospitalized for over a month and told I may not be able walk and at that moment I thought my whole life was over. But and by Gods grace with faith and prayer I was able to overcome that difficult experience…
  • sugarstreet_catering What’s the first step/Job you took to enter the media industry in ghana?how did you get the position?Is the pay for media work in ghana decent?Do you have other side hustles to help your finances or could you live on 1 job alone? Is your role a typical 9-5?what would a typical work week look like for you?
  • peac_hy… thank you @sugarstreet_catering …It was a challenge initially because there were not a lot of opportunities available. I looked at ways of creating my own opportunity by offering to join a panel on a talk show. That didn’t pay me that much but it gave me confidence and exposure. With that I used that as a showreel and secured my first show EFGH.
    I believe in creating multiple income streams so I began hosting events and corporate seminars and also offer consultancy services to international schools…
  • __naadromoradotey__Being a woman, i don’t know about other parts of the world but here in Ghana it is not an easy road especially when you have principles and morals and can’t trade sex for grade. Pursuing my masters degree and the hustle I have gone through, the lengthy time, emotional stress , financial stress I have been taken through is mainly because I am a woman who is not ready to have affairs with a lecturer/lecturers just to complete my course. It is hard staying on the right path & still making it genuinely but I believe in perseverance & prayer so still holding on. Same issue at the workplace, some bosses are chauvinist & even if you do your best they simply give which is the performance in the company you will be surprised to be overlooked time & time again & a position / accolade given to a male whose performance is second best to you.
  • peac_hy…🙋🏾 @__naadromoradotey__ I think in every sector there are challenges that will be faced and it can definitely be difficult when you are pressured to compromise your moral code for opportunities. I think in everything you do, you need to remember what it is you are hoping to achieve and will you be proud of the process you employed to reach the achievement. If an opportunity requires more from you than your qualifications or expertise then it is not meant for you. The right opportunities and doors will open for you and if a door doesn’t open accept that it’s simply not your door. All you can do is be the best version of you and let God handle the rest….
  • akliletekle@peac_hy are there any motivational talks or podcasts or perhaps personal mantras that you repeat to yourself through tough situations?
  • peac_hy… thank you @akliletekle …I am a very faith driven person so that comes first in everything I go through. I just lean on my faith in God as He is the only one I can rely on. It may sound cliche but that has always worked for me, prayer and faith. There are also very good inspirational and motivational messages online that keeps me going – TD is my personal favorite- through difficult times so I suggest reading and researching topics that speak to your particular industry and trial….
  • angie.broks@peac_hy-Hi Peace please how did you transition from your teaching career in London to what you are doing now with Forbes. What skills did you acquire from teaching that is helping you in your Forbes career. I am a teacher in London.
  • peac_hy…great question @angie.broks …As a teacher you learn to multi task and communicate not so exciting topics (sometimes) in an engaging way – that is a skill that is extremely useful as a journalist. The role is varied and you will need to handle so many different elements from contributors to pitching stories and even presenting on TV. I found that my ability to multi task as a teacher made that transition very smooth…
  • __naadromoradotey__How do you handle negative press/ rumours you hear about yourself
  • peac_hy… thank you @eldee21 and @__naadromoradotey__ …This answers both of your questions… I believe you are in control of the narrative you create in your life. The way you choose to carry yourself will reflect what approach people choose to engage with you. You need to have a clear understanding of what you will and will not tolerate and never veer from that. You cannot control what others do or say about you but you can definitely control what you choose to do and how you react to certain situations or experience when they interact with you. Never lower your standards for perceived opportunities. Short cuts never last as long as hard work does…
  • sheleadsafricaThank you @peac_hy for taking the time to share your wisdom and experiences with us. We can’t wait to catch your new show!
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  • sheleadsafricaThanks for all your questions. Don’t forget we’re giving out a free downloadable guide of peace’s top 10 tips to fighting against the odds. Click the link in out bio to get your copy.