Black Opal Nigeria Announces Lillian Paul as Brand Ambassador & features Media Girls Mimi Onalaja and Idia Aisien in Latest Beauty Campaign



International cosmetics brand, Black Opal, presents its latest ad campaign which showcases its range of makeup products, from foundations to lipsticks. The campaign is targeted at the everyday woman who wants to achieve flawless beauty with little or no stress. The exquisite ad campaign features TV presenter and Travel Blogger, Mimi Onalaja as well as Nigerian/Cameroonian model, Idia Aisien, as muses. We are thrilled to launch this ad campaign. At Black Opal, our main aim is to address the beauty concerns of women of colour. Our product line contains an impressive range of formulas and a stunning collection of shades which complements and enhances a woman’s natural beauty


In executing our ad campaign, Mimi Onalaja and Idia Aisien were the obvious choice to be used as muses for the campaign. They reflect the values that we uphold at Black Opal and they are an accurate reflection of who the Black Opal woman is – confident, successful and of course, beautiful.

The brand has also announced Lillian Paul a Black Opal brand ambassador.
“Working with a renowned makeup artist is right at the heart of our campaign and we are excited to announce Lillian Paul as our brand ambassador. Lillian has distinguished herself in the beauty industry and we know she will add a lot of value to the Black Opal brand,” – Black Opal Nigeria Rep


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